Stainless Steel Shower Pans


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What Is Included

  • DuraFlexTM stainless steel shower pan
  • Curb flashing system
  • 4" PVC shower drain with a stainless steel round drain plate 
    *We recommend contacting your local plumbing supply house if you would like an alternative drain plate that matches your fixtures.  


  • Standard curb width is 2 5/8". Curb can be built out to any desired width. 
  • Concrete Base. Concrete provides the most solid footing for a shower base and the best surface for laying tile. You can also customize your shower slope with a concrete base.  
  • Pans are not rigid. Their flexibility allows them to be easily manipulated and molded into the space to create the tightest fit.  
  • No pre-cut drain location (drain space is cut on-site). Choose your own drain location and avoid moving existing plumbing. 
  • No special thin-set required to lay tile.  


Our DuraFlexTM shower pans are upgraded with dependable materials. You can choose from our galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper shower pan options to make water damage virtually impossible. When properly installed, Made For TileTM shower pans can last forever. All pans include a curb flashing system and 4" PVC shower drain with a stainless steel round drain plate. Choose a single or dual curb.

All of our shower pans are hand bent to size. We favor a non-welded design for several reasons: 

1. Welded pans could potentially become unfastened. 
2. Welds are rigid. We want our shower pans to fit flush against walls. Rigid welded seams prevent pans from doing so.  
3. Hand folding a shower pan is the best way to ensure that the pan will be leak-proof.   

All pans are water tested before leaving our manufacturing facility.

Made For TileTM shower pans are the solution that contractors have been seeking for years. Until now, unreliable polyurethane/acrylic pans and vinyl liners have been the only options available when building a tile shower base. 
Our pans offer unparalleled flexibility when designing and installing your tile shower base. The customizable features of the pan allow you to work WITH the pan instead of against it. This is what makes our pans easy to install regardless of the experience of the installer. Both professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers will find our pans to be highly convenient. In addition, the slim design of the pan lets it fit as tight as possible within the space, allowing you the maximum amount of shower space and further protection against water damage.   

Designed by a contractor for contractors, our pans were designed to solve common shower pan reliability and installation issues. Far from difficult to install, our mud shower pan offers freedom when installing a tile shower base. We promise, installation is easier than you think! We tell you exactly how much, what type, and what consistency of concrete you need for your shower pan mud bed mix, etc. Our straightforward installation guide directs you every step of the way.

Custom Shower Pans

We also offer custom size shower pans. We understand how precious shower space can be. With that in mind, we are glad to offer customers the ability to utilize every bit of space available by creating custom pans with dimensions that are exactly right. Need a 48.5"D x 60.5"W pan? You got it!

Measurement Tip: We measure D(depth) x W(width) in inches. When measuring your shower space, measure stud to stud.

Shower Pan Installation

We designed our shower pans to be easy to install for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. We make your installation success highly probable with our simple and straightforward installation guide. Each step is broken down to be very specific and comprehensible. Steps are accompanied by detailed photos to show you exactly what to do.

Installation Instructions:

Made For TileTM Shower Pan Installation Guide (with photos) PDF
Made For TileTM Shower Pan Installation Guide (text only) PDF

Customizing Your Curb Installation Guide (with photos) PDF
Customizing Your Curb Installation Guide (text only) PDF

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. 
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site if it is not already installed. 


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