Choose Your Shower Pan Drain Location.

Pre-cut drain locations too often force costly and time-consuming adjustments to structural work.

Our "cut on-site" feature is yet another way our pans enable you achieve a perfect result. 

Single piece polyurethane/acrylic shower pans all have standard pre-cut drain locations (left, right, center). A pre-cut drain space may seem convenient because the step is already done for you, however, the exact opposite can be true. When installing or replacing a shower base for a walk in shower, the underlying plumbing and structural work (ex. floor joists) must be considered. Often times this underlying plumbing and structural support needs to be moved to accommodate the pre-cut drain space of the shower pan. Therefore, standard left, right, or center drain spaces are not always what is the most convenient for your tile shower base project.

To avoid the costly and time-consuming process of moving underlying plumbing and structural work, we do not construct our shower pans with a pre-cut drain locations. Instead, the drain space is cut on-site and can be placed virtually anywhere. The step of simply cutting the drain space on-site is quick and easy. You can spend a few minutes cutting your own drain space or spend much more time and money adjusting existing plumbing. We think the former is the most convenient choice.  

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Our DuraFlexTM shower pans are upgraded 
with dependable materials. You can choose 
from our galvanized steel, stainless steel,
and copper shower pan options to make water
damage virtually impossible. When properly 
installed, Made For TileTM shower pans can
last forever. All pans include a curb flashing
system and 4" PVC shower drain with a stainless
steel round drain plate. Choose a single or dual curb.