Easy to Tile Adjustable Shower Curb

In line with our mission to offer a customizable shower pan that is easy to install, the idea for a customizable detached shower curb was born.

Reasons for extending your curb include:

  • Create a curb width that is the same width as your chosen tile to avoid cutting tile to fit the width of the curb.
  • Level a curb against an uneven floor (important for installing glass doors).

Our standard size curb width is 2 5/8". You can extend or "build out" our 2 5/8" curb to any width you desire by simply adding cement board. Wondering if there is an easier way to tile your shower curb? You can extend our curb with cement board to a width that is equal to the width of your chosen tile. This means you do not have to exhaust time and energy cutting tile to fit the curb.
  A curb that fits the width of the chosen tile.                             You never have to cut tile!


Do you have an uneven floor? Our detachable curbs can easily be adjusted using shims to make the curb level against an uneven floor. This is especially important for the purpose of installing glass doors. The customizable nature of the curb allows you to make important adjustments using little time and energy.

Download our installation guide to find out how to customize your curb 
to perfectly accommodate your project!

Customizing Your Curb Installation Guide (with photos) PDF
Customizing Your Curb Installation Guide (text only) PDF

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site if it is not already installed.

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