We hope these instructions will make the installation of our pans as seamless as possible. If you do need additional guidance feel free to contact us directly through the Contact Us tab.          We are always happy to help.

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Made For TileTM Shower Pan Installation Guide (with photos) PDF
    Made For TileTM Shower Pan Installation Guide (text only) PDF     

Customizing Your Curb Installation Guide (with photos) PDF
Customizing Your Curb Installation Guide (text only) PDF

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During the design phase, we considered several features to be essential to our shower pan design. One of these factors was an easy to install shower pan.

Think again before buying a single-piece polyurethane/fiberglass pan that is marketed to be foolproof. In truth, they can be very difficult to install. Our mud shower pan grants you much more freedom when installing a tile shower base. We promise, it is easier than you think! We tell you exactly how much, what type, and what consistency of concrete you need for your shower pan mud bed mix. Just follow our straightforward installation guide. 

Our detailed shower pan installation guide was developed so that a Do It Yourself user would be able to build a shower base as efficiently as a professional can.  

To show you how clear our shower pan installation guide steps are, we added a few snippets of our Photo Shower Pan Installation Guide below (click the link at the top of the page to access the full guide)