Work WITH the pan to achieve a perfect result.
Our pans were made to CONFORM to your space.

1. Shower pans are constructed with stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper.
2. Shower pan curbs are customizable/adjustable.
3. No pre-cut drain locations.
4. Mud shower pans are made for a concrete base.
5. No special thin-set required to lay tile.
6. Tile can be replaced.

1. Shower pans are constructed with stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper.

Our DuraFlexTM shower pans are upgraded with dependable materials. Our copper, stainless steel or galvanized steel pan options make water damage virtually impossible. When properly installed, they can last forever.

All of our shower pans are hand bent to size. We favor a non-welded design for several reasons: 

1. Welded pans could potentially become unfastened.
2. Welds are rigid. We want our shower pans to fit flush against walls. Rigid welded seams prevent pans from doing so. 
3. Hand folding a shower pan is the best way to ensure that the pan will be leak-proof.   

All pans are water tested before leaving our manufacturing facility.

Until now, unreliable polyurethane/acrylic pans and vinyl liners have been the only options available when building a tile shower base. Polyurethane/acrylic shower pans, aside from being difficult to install, have the tendency to leak. Vinyl liners are notoriously unreliable because they are thin, puncture easily, and wear through within only a few years. 

Our pans are durable and able to conform to your shower space. Our goal is for our shower pans to fit as tight as possible within the shower space, giving you the greatest amount of room possible and further protection against water damage. In comparison, the rigidness of polyurethane/acrylic shower pans make them very difficult to work with.

2. Shower pan curbs are customizable/adjustable.

What you can do with an extendable curb: 

  • Create a curb width that is the same width as your chosen tile to avoid cutting tile to fit the width of the curb.
  • Level a curb against an uneven floor (important for installing glass doors).
  • Simply choose your curb width based on your personal preference. 

Our standard size curb width is 2 5/8". You can extend or "build out" our 2 5/8" curb to any width you desire by simply adding cement board. Wondering if there is an easier way to tile your shower curb? You can extend our curb with cement board to a width that is equal to the width of your chosen tile. This means you do not have to exhaust time and energy cutting tile to fit the curb. Do you have an uneven floor? Our detachable curbs can easily be adjusted using shims to make the curb level against an uneven floor. This is especially important for the purpose of installing glass doors. The customizable nature of the curb allows you to make important adjustments using little time and energy.

3. No pre-cut drain locations.

Single piece polyurethane/acrylic shower pans all have standard pre-cut drain locations (left, right, center). A pre-cut drain space may seem convenient because the step is already done for you, however, the exact opposite can be true. When installing or replacing a shower base for a walk in shower, the underlying plumbing and structural work (ex. floor joists) must be considered. Often times this underlying plumbing and structural support needs to be moved to accommodate the pre-cut drain space of the shower pan. Therefore, standard left, right, or center drain spaces are not always what is the most convenient for your tile shower base project. 

To avoid the costly and time-consuming process of moving underlying plumbing and structural work, we do not construct our shower pans with a pre-cut drain locations. Instead, the drain space is cut on-site and can be placed virtually anywhere. The step of simply cutting the drain space on-site is quick and easy. You can spend a few minutes cutting your own drain space or spend much more time and money adjusting existing plumbing. We think the former is the most convenient choice.  


4. Mud shower pans are made for a concrete base.

We strongly believe that all shower bases should be properly reinforced with concrete. Simply put, concrete provides the most solid and reliable footing for a shower base. In contrast, polyurethane/acrylic shower pans provide an uncomfortable and awkward "bouncy" shower floor footing. 

In addition, a mud shower pan allows you to create your own comfortable slope when pouring your concrete shower base. Pre-constructed polyurethane/acrylic shower pans are pre-sloped. These pans are often sloped far too dramatically than what is necessary to adequately drain water, making the shower footing less than comfortable. Simply put, water will always drain at the lowest point. A concrete shower base allows you to slope your base so that it adequately drains water and provides a comfortable footing. 


Far from difficult to install, our DuraFlexTM mud shower pans offers freedom when installing a tile shower base. The flexibility these pans provide are in part due to their ability to conform to a shower space. In contrast, the rigidness of polyurethane/acrylic shower pans make them very difficult to install. Because single piece polyurethane/acrylic pans are pre-constructed, there is no room to make even minor adjustments to accommodate your shower space. 

We believe in the traditional mud pan. Call us old-fashioned, but through real experience, we know that our "back-to-basics" mud shower pans and concrete base provides a superior result.

5. No special thin-set required to lay tile.

A concrete shower base provides the best surface for laying tile. With a concrete base, ANY thin-set can be used to begin laying tile. Even better, this product can be conveniently found at your local hardware store. Polyurethane/acrylic shower pans require the use of a special thin-set provided by the manufacturer. Many people find that there is not enough thin-set provided to complete the entire project. The need to order more brand-specific thin-set forces the project to be delayed, creating unnecessary time and frustration.  

6. Tile can be replaced.

A convenient feature of our mud shower pans is that tile can be replaced after it has already been laid down. Because our shower pans are "mud" pans that use concrete for the base, tile can easily be lifted without damaging the existing base. Removing tile from polyurethane/acrylic shower pans is not possible because the underlying shower pan could be easily damaged. So change your travertine tile to porcelain tile or your porcelain tile to marble tile as many times as you would like! Our shower pans were designed to give you as many options as possible when designing your tile shower base.